Norfolk by Design Exhibition – ORDINARY WORLD, 10th to 23rd August






We are excited to announce the next Norfolk By Design show – ORDINARY WORLD will be held in the Main Barn at Creake Abbey.

Friday 10th to Thursday 23rd August, 10am to 4pm

Artists have been making sense of our world for as long as mankind has made representational images. They take on how we assess the possibilities for our environment and how we perceive it.

This exhibition will be bringing a small group of women artists together who share their interests in the topographic – some revealing how we order and compose land use, close up, on the visible horizon or from above. Others play with our perceptual mapping out of a topology that exists in our minds rather than on the page or ‘out there’. While others look outside our sphere, imagining worlds beyond our own.


Linda Jamieson
Pandora Mond
Joni Smith
Amanda Sutton

More information is available on their website: