Farmers’ Market recognised by The Daily Telegraph!

Saturday’s Telegraph published a piece entitled “Field to fork: Britain’s 20 finest farmers’ markets” and we are delighted that Creake Abbey was one of them!  Journalist and foodie, Diana Henry, picked those that made the cut, some FARMA registered, some not, but all had to show they understood the principles that local is best, that the farmer / producer must also be the seller and that the customer is welcome to try and discuss directly, face to face, any aspect relevant to what is on sale.

To see the Creake Abbey entry in full please click

The Creake Abbey Farmers’ Market is thought to be the largest in Norfolk and is still very much food orientated, celebrating local producers including Candi Robertson of Candi’s Chutney, Sarah Savage of Essence Foods, Madhu Choudhry of Ethnic Fusion, Algy Gorrod of Algy’s Popcorn and many more.  The market is known for giving newcomers a chance but is fiercely loyal to those producers who are loyal to it, none more so that Sarah Pettegree of Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies who features in the online Telegraph photo associated with the piece.

Huge thanks to all our producers, customers and critics.  Without you there wouldn’t be a market!